Water softener plant

Azure Water Technologies softening plant is charged with strong acidic cation exchange resin in sodium form. Raw water flows upwards through the resin bed. The calcium & magnesium which forms hardness in water are exchanged for sodium which is non-hardness forming. When it has exchanged all of its sodium for Calcium & Magnesium, the ion exchange resin is regenerated

The solution of common salt- Sodium Chloride is passes to the resin bed with brine ejector. The softening plant is thoroughly rinsed with water to remove excess salt. The softening plant is put back to service after getting commercial zero ppm water hardness at outlet.


  • Boiler feed
  • -----------------
  • cooling tower makeup
  • ---------------------
  • Induction Furnace cooling system
  • -------------------------------------
  • Beverage mfg
  • ------------------
  • Pre treatment in RO plant
  • ---------------------------------
  • Textile Processing
  • --------------------
  • Hospital, Hotel ,Laundry industry etc.
  • -------------------------------------------
  • Air conditioning plant
  • ---------------------------
  • Housing society for softening of Bore well water
  • ----------------------------------------------------