The Company is focusing on projects in Water and Waste Water Treatment plants.We undertakes complete integrated water & Waste Water projects which would comprise of intake system, treatment, recycle and reuse of water & waste water schemes. The Company has capability to bring in world class technologies in water & waste water services as per customer requirements. Established in the economically active area chennai tamilnadu & engaged in services and supplier the best quality of water treatment plants to our clients scattered in different parts of India. We have the technical expertise persons will make one of the leading and fast growth in water and waste water Treatment Company in India.

We aim to sustain and improve our natural environment for the benefit of all. We are committed to continual improvement in our environmental performance by improving the efficiency with which we use available resources. We aim to comply with all relevant environmental regulation and legislation. We operate a robust environmental management system to ensure environmental issues are integrated into our business processes and practices. We are committed to protecting the environment by delivering reliable custom build water and wastewater solutions as per the requirement.

We use the latest innovative technologies in the design and execution of our water treatment plants & water management systems and ensure the best quality to our clients and customers also significant use in solving various problems in Water management services. Company providing sustainable and cost-effective water and wastewater handling systems almost for all sectors considering Industrial, Residential, Hospitals, Hotels, IT Companies etc.


Purification encompasses all equipment and process technologies for removing impurities from fresh water supplies. We treat water from all natural sources with most appropriate techniques.

Waste Water Treatment

The methods used for waste water treatment can be classified as physical, chemical and biological unit processes.


Azure Water Tech provide solutions for recycling the waste water for reusing the same in variety of applications.


We provide an extensive array of components and spares for the water treatment plants


Our aim is to optimize the operating costs associated with the wastewater treatment.


AZURE WATER TECH ensure you comply with the regulatory standards of health and safety